Apple Squash Sauce

This week’s recipe was provided by our featured vendor, Kristi Bellman. It’s her favorite way to prepare the amazing “Heart of Gold” squash available at her stand.

2 Heart of Gold squash cut in halves or quarters, seeds removed
3 to 4 apples peeled and cut into very large chunks
Apple juice or water
Honey, sweet spices to taste

Place the squash in a small casserole dish with just enough water or apple juice added to keep the squash moist when cooking. Bake at 350 until squash is fork tender (about 45 minutes). Let the squash cool until you can handle it. Next, scoop out the squash pulp and apples and add to a food processor. Add as much honey, and any sweet spices as your taste buds like. You may need to add water from the roasting pan. When you have the smooth texture and sweetness you like, its done! Spoon the apple -squash sauce into a pretty bowl and serve. Great the next day also!

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