Grilling the perfect steak

Has the warmer weather got you in the mood to break out your grill? These simple tips will help you properly prepare your steaks:

1) Start with a Clean and Oiled Grill: Clean grates keep the steaks from sticking when you turn them. All you need to do is heat your grill, give it a good scrub with a heavy duty grill brush, and lightly brush it with vegetable oil.

2) High Heat Cooking: You want the grill to be at least 450°F, or hot enough that you can hold your hand over the grill for just one second. High heat ensures a good sear and a crispy crust on these steaks.

3) Season the Steak: Steaks don’t need much to make them great. Just before grilling, brush them lightly on both sides with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

4) Turn Steak Once: Steaks are so quick-cooking that you really only need to turn them once. Flipping too frequently might also prevent the steaks from forming their tasty, well-seared crust. They’re ready to be flipped when they release easily from the grill, just like with searing meat on the stove top. Use a pair of pincher tongs for turning the meat instead of poking it with a barbecue fork – those forks just pierce holes in the meat, mauling it and releasing its juices.

5) Cook Until Its Done: Exact cooking time depends on the thickness of the steak and your personal preference. This is why a meat thermometer is handy to have. It’s accurate and won’t release much juice from the meat: Rare: 125°F – 130°F; Medium-Rare: 130°F – 135°F; Medium: 140°F – 145°F; Well-Done: 160° and higher.

6) Rest the Steak: Let the grilled steak rest on the cutting board for about 5 minutes before cutting in. This gives the juices time to re-circulate through the meat. Slicing the steak earlier lets the juices run out and makes your steak taste dry.

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