Spring gardening tips

The weather is starting to turn, and while it’s too early to plant, there are still things you can do in your yard and garden to get it ready for spring:

> Plan your vegetable and flower gardens. Use seed catalogs, Extension websites, and visits to the garden center to get ideas.

> Move pot-bound houseplants into bigger pots. Use new potting soil and water well. Fertilize all interior plants with a soluble fertilizer mixed at 1/2 strength.

> Clean-up and sharpen garden tools and inventory supplies you will need for the upcoming growing season.

> Pick a nice day and go outside and turn the compost pile. This will give you some exercise and get the compost “cooking” again.

> Fruit trees and grape vines should be pruned this month. Apples and other fruit will be larger and have better flavor if the trees have been pruned so each branch has good exposure to sunlight and are well spaced up and down and around a central trunk.

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