Sunny Hollow Bakery with Rebecca King

What is your background, and where is your farm located?
We moved to our farm between Platteville and Potosi about 9 years ago. We had previously lived in Amish communities in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

What types of baked goods do you bring to market?
I’ve got several different kinds of pies, bread, pumpkin rolls, sticky buns, whoopie pies, and angel food cake. I use a mixture of family recipes and ones from cookbooks.

What types of things do you bring to market besides baked goods?
We also have some produce, but this late in the season the selection is slim. We still have some Napa (or Chinese) cabbage and some carrots. We have a stand at the summer market too, so we’ll have a bigger selection of things like lettuce and tomatoes. All our produce is grown chemical-free. My daughter makes the gel candles, and she also helps with the baking. Sometimes I’ll also bring noodles and jam.

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