Herting Family Produce with Claire Herting

How do you get your summer produce to last so long into the season?
Last year was good for potatoes, so we still have a good selection of those left. We also had a lot of squash but most of that is sold out. We have a large underground root cellar, about 15 feet square. We received a Winter Market Vendor Grant a few years ago that helped us install more shelving.

What vegetables are your specialty?
We’re best known for our wide variety of sweet peppers. We’ve already got the seedlings started indoors so we should have a great crop this season.

What else do you grow besides vegetables?
We grow a lot of flowers. We have two greenhouses, and one is attached to our house so it stays a little warmer over the winter. We already have some flowers started in the greenhouses so they’ll be ready to sell at the winter and summer markets. We need to be careful because some of the tender, leafy flowers won’t survive if the greenhouses get too cold, but the perennials and even the cactus will tolerate colder temperatures.

How big is your garden, and how do you manage all the work?
Our garden is about 1-1/2 – 2 acres. We do hire some help in the summer to help with everything.

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