Manna Java World Café with Georgia Mihalakis

Why did you decide to start selling at the Winter Farmers’ Market?
We are always looking for ways to reach new audiences. You can already find our bread and pastries in retail outlets like the Dubuque Food Co-op, but the Farmers’ Market is nice because I get to see people and talk with them about our products.

What makes you proud about your bread and pastries?
We use natural, whole-grain products whenever possible. We also like to offer different kinds of bread that you can’t get other places like Paleo Nut Bread and Black Bran Rye. We also have some gluten-free options like the Coconut Cashew Bread.

Where does your baking philosophy come from?
The food my mother made us as a child was simple, good, varied and delicious. And there was an emphasis on fresh. The saying “Food is medicine, and medicine is food” was the rule in our house. We take our cue from the family table, and we believe that the more the true flavor of the food dominates the dish, the healthier that food will be. This is nothing new, there is no fancy marketing – it is simply a mother-oriented approach to good food and good health.

It’s fantastic to have such a well-known Dubuque institution as Manna Java World Cafe at the Winter Market every Saturday! Welcome, Georgia!

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