C & J’s “The Good Stuff” and Wodan Earth Farm

Ruth Schneider, Michael Reding and Catherine Reding

Where is your farm located, and what are you producing these days?
We’re south of Dubuque between Miles and Preston. We focus on organic, wholesome foods with a wide variety of gluten-free baked products. We’re in our first year producing eggs from our pasture-raised chickens. We’ve got lots of great recipes – look for some wonderful 100% organic brown rice bread this week!

How many eggs a day are you producing?
We currently have 110 hens and they lay 5 – 6 dozen eggs a day. We hope to expand that to about 260 hens by spring. We’ve rebuilt an old barn as the chicken coop using lots of recycled and reclaimed building materials.

What makes your operation unique?
We are truly a family affair. We have grandmother Ruth, daughter Catherine and her son Michael all working together. We have always focused on eating organic as a way to keep our family healthy. You are what you eat!

What does “Wodan” mean?
‘Wodan’ is the Germanic name for Odin, the chief of the gods in Norse mythology. Michael studied German and French in college, so he wanted to connect his farm to this larger tradition.

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