Did you know that baklava is believed to be of Assyrian origin? Around approximately the 8th century B.C., Assyrians baked thin layers of dough with nuts, poured honey over it, and enjoyed this sumptuous treat. Baklava was baked only on special occasions, usually by the rich who could afford such a luxury. In Turkey, to this day, one can hear a common expression: “I am not rich enough to eat Baklava every day.” The Near and Middle East saw many civilizations come and go. Baklava and the recipe spread to the Near East, Armenia, and Turkey. With the advent of the Grecian Empire, it spread westward to Greece. Phyllo dough is named after the Greek word for “leaf,” being “as thin as a leaf.” The thickness (or for that matter, the thinness) of Phyllo gives baklava its delicious crispy taste.

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