Baal Family Farms with Carol Steckel and Jim Baal

How many hens does Jim have right now?
Jim has about 600 chickens, so they produce a lot of eggs. Besides the farmers’ market, he also delivers eggs to about 500 different customers every week, plus he sells them at Skip Breitbach’s feed store in Balltown. We have lots of return customers because they really appreciate the freshness of the eggs.

How do you produce such an impressive selection of dried herbs?
I grow herbs indoors over the winter, so I have a constant supply of fresh herbs all year. Oregano and basil are popular, but I also sell a lot of catnip. I have dried vegetables, potatoes, and onions that are wonderful in soup.

How long have you been making your own soap?
I’ve been doing that for 39 years. I use all natural products and keep things as pure as possible to help people who might have allergies. I have bar soap and laundry detergent that’s all homemade.

What’s up next for you this winter?
I’ll be starting my seeds indoors soon, especially for the early tomatoes and peppers. I have a greenhouse and many things growing indoors, so I never really have much down time!

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