Ambleside Farm with Kris Doll, Joyce Doll and Chell Cain

You have a very interesting mix of products that includes noodles, baked goods, soap and more. Who does what?
Kris does the noodles, Joyce does the baked goods and seasoned pretzels, and Chell makes the soap. We all take great pride in using natural ingredients and make everything from scratch.

What makes your products unique?
We use different herbs and spices in our noodles to create flavors that you just aren’t going to find elsewhere like Afghanistan Curry. Our soap is made with our own recipes using natural ingredients and essential oils.

What is a “shampoo bar”?
It’s shampoo in that comes in little cakes, just like a bar of soap. You wet your hair, wet the shampoo bar and then rub it around your scalp in circular motions. It’s really fantastic and leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth.

Where else do you sell your products?
We’re located in Onslow, IA, so we sell at the summer market in Monticello, too. We’ve been market vendors for 10 years. We also do soap-making demonstrations at historical re-enactment fairs.

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