Carrie Post with Honey Hill Organic Farm

Honey Hill Organic Farm:

What is special about your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation?
When our members purchase their CSA share, they get 23 weeks of fresh produce, but we also like to supply fruit, floral arrangements, fresh and dried herbs, and more. We have a greenhouse so we’re able to extend our season and provide things like cucumbers and tomatoes later into the season. Our products are USDA Certified Organic. Each box is beautiful and looks like a present!

What do you enjoy most about farming?
I really enjoy meeting our customers and providing food that they love. Feeding people is very rewarding. We’ve been reaching new customers by selling through the Dubuque Food Co-op, too. We’re also able to provide some of our excess produce to the Dubuque Rescue Mission to help feed those in need.

What are your plans for the future?
We’d like to add another greenhouse so that we can provide fresh produce even deeper into the season. We have some indoor cold storage but we could always expand and use more, plus we need to build a larger food washing station. We’re also going to develop an orchard that can provide more fruit, but that will take a bit longer to establish.

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