East Mill Bakeshop & Catering

Every holiday has its own traditional pastries, so bakeries are always bustling with requests from families that want to celebrate in style. Nick and Emily Puls from East Mill Bakeshop will have some special Easter treats at Market this week, including fresh hot crossed buns and decorated Easter cookies. Saturday will be a busy day for them because they’re also serving food at the Easter egg hunt at the Fairgrounds to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network!

Nick and Emily were living, learning, and working happily in California just a few short years ago. But, like many Dubuquers, when a child entered their lives, they reevaluated their situation and returned home to be closer to family. They have applied what they learned while in California about the value of using local, fresh, organic ingredients to everything they create here, and the difference is evidently noticed and appreciated. Since that time, they have set the Tri-State catering world on fire. Their business already has a huge following.

Dubuque Winter Farmers’ Market is fortunate to be able to boast the presence of East Mill Bakeshop as regular Saturday vendors, offering their tender, delicious English muffin breakfast sandwiches, as well as other yummy baked goods. The goods we see at market, though make up only a fraction of the what the couple produce. They have a full catering line, offering everything from hors d’oeuvres to a complete wedding meal. They have their own retail outlet in East Dubuque, and they also sell through Hy-Vee. They are also supplying bread, desserts and baked goods to a growing number of local businesses, including Mi Ranchito, One Eleven Main, Monk’s Cafe, Vinny Vannuchi’s, Corner Brew and Mystique Casino. Needless to say, this keeps them very busy!

Nick and Emily are getting ready for the outdoor market season, too. They will be returning to the Dubuque Farmers’ Market, and they’ll also be serving their delicious food at the Galena Territories market on alternating Sundays. Enjoying one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches is a highlight of the weekend for many of our shoppers, and we are so happy that they’ve become part of our Winter Market tradition. Thanks for all your support, Nick and Emily!

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