Baal Family Farm – Carol Steckel

With 23 years of experience selling her produce at farmers’ markets, Carol Steckel is truly an expert when in comes to locally-grown foods. Carol’s interest in gardening is lifelong. She grew up on a farm, leaving just long enough to earn her degree in biology and agriculture from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. Carol has been involved with the Dubuque County Master Gardeners for over 20 years and still teaches some of the training classes for new volunteers. While she resides in town, in a house completely surrounded by gardens (no turf), she also grows vegetables on a single acre of land in Sherrill.

Carol has learned independently the techniques and processes she uses for her market products. She sells fresh vegetables and lots of eggs during the growing season. But when you visit her table in the winter months, you will find a large variety of dried vegetables and herbs, plus hand-made soaps. She has mastered the art of dehydrating everything from celery, potatoes, and onions to peppermint. Carol’s hoop houses help her get an early start on the season, however, so she’s hoping to have fresh basil at the market soon.

The eggs Carol sells at market come from Jim and Mary Lou Baal. Jim delivers eggs to 500 customers all over the region. They are already taking orders for Easter, so be sure to get your request in soon.

Carol is a wealth of information on everything related to food and gardens, so don’t hesitate to stop by her market stand to chat. Thank you, Carol!

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