Life is Good Beef

Raising animals naturally without chemicals and hormones might seem foreign for some farmers, but for Wayne Tredinnick it wasn’t a stretch. Wayne’s father was a dairy farmer who avoided using chemicals, so when Wayne started his farm in 1986 he followed that tradition. Wayne spent many years cross-breeding his cattle and developing a herd that would be productive and efficient on an exclusively grass-fed diet. He stopped feeding corn to his cattle in 1998 and never looked back.

Wayne’s farm is located near Fennimore, Wisconsin. He uses intensive rotational grazing and his cattle are fed only grass and organic salt. These methods have produced an amazingly healthy and productive herd.

Wayne sells mostly processed meat products, including wieners, summer sausage, ground beef, polish sausage, ring bologna, beef sticks, jerky and more. You can even get soup bones from Life is Good! Wayne prides himself on making the highest-quality summer sausage using and including the best cuts of beef. Each stick of summer sausage includes ribeye, sirloin, porterhouse, and T-bone steaks, along with all the roasts. It’s all in there!

Wayne notes that the beef markets are still reeling from the drought of 2012. Farmers cut down the size of their herds due to the high price of feed and hay, so there will be less beef on the market and prices will be higher. The production cycle on beef is longer than something like chicken, so it takes longer for the markets to rebound. Crops last year were good, however, so Wayne expects the market to catch up soon.

Wayne is also a high school special education teacher, but we’re glad that he has time in the summer to tend his herd and keep producing his beef products for us. Thanks for all your contributions to our market, Wayne!

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