Kruse Farm

If you have been to Dubuque’s summer or winter farmers’ markets in the past 35 years, you have likely visited the Kruse Farm stand. Carol Ann, her husband Vernon, or his cousin Duane may have helped you choose the perfect carrots or potatoes for the recipe you plan to use. They have been marketing their garden produce for that long. Carol Ann had grown up gardening with her family. She stepped right into continuing that practice after marrying Vernon. And now, their two daughters help during summer. She says that summer market used to last until Christmas, so she is no stranger to marketing winter vegetables.

The Kruses have a 200 acre farm near Lancaster, Wisconsin. They use three or four acres for the garden. The rest is for cattle and grain. They do all the farming themselves. At the Kruse Farm winter market stand, you will find every winter vegetable imaginable, including a couple you may not have heard of. Have you ever tried salsify, the poor man’s oyster? They can also supply you with popcorn, dried herbs, black walnuts, cookies and breads.

Be sure to ask Carol Ann, Vernon or Duane for tips about gardening, food storage or anything else – they are a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help. We’re fortunate to have vendors like this who know so much about their products and the value of Farmers’ Markets for our community. Keep up the great work, Kruse Farm!

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