Klinge’s Baked Goods, Brian & Katie Klinge

Selling baked goods at Farmers’ Market is a tradition for Brian Klinge. His mother used to bake for market, so when he and Katie moved their family back to Dubuque about six months ago they wanted to restart the tradition.

The Klinges do their baking at home and have developed some unique recipes. Their products feature whole grains, and they soak their dough in water before kneading and baking. This technique is usually used for sourdoughs, and it helps preserve the nutritional qualities of the flour and make it more digestible. During soaking, enzymes break down some structures in the flour and develop more proteins and fewer sugars. The Klinges use locally-sourced honey to sweeten their bread, and they’re looking for a local source for grain flour.

Their most popular product is a multi-grain Celtic bread called “struan” which is Gaelic for “confluence of streams.” This is traditionally a harvest bread in England that uses whatever grains are available. The Klinges always use a base of wheat and flax seed flour, but their recipe also varies depending upon what is at hand.

Brian and Katie lived near the Amana Colonies before recently moving back to Dubuque. They enjoy the burgeoning local foods scene here and are looking forward to becoming more active. Eventually they hope to scale up their operation and move to a farm where they can start a larger operation for produce, livestock and poultry. When you stop by their market stand you might meet their 10 month-old son George who is growing up at market – just like his dad! Welcome to the Winter Farmers’ Market, Brian and Katie!

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