Josa’s Country Store, Josa Combs

There’s no better place to get into the Christmas spirit than Josa’s Country Store. Josa has almost 70 (!) different candy recipes at her disposal, and this week she’ll have her best holidy offerings for sale. You’ll find divinity, candy strawberries & oranges, rum balls, candy wreaths, bourbon balls, fruit cake cookies, and much more. As a special treat, Josa will be baking stollen, a traditional German fruit bread – but get to market early because it will quickly sell out!

Josa also has the savory items covered with a delightful array of soup mixes and spice blends. One of her best-sellers is the “Leather Britches” soup mix, named after the dried green beans in the mix that look like leather britches when they’re hung out to dry. Josa uses her own home-grown fruits and vegetables in her recipes and cooks them up in a certified commercial kitchen that she built in her basement.

Josa makes her home in Bellevue, and it’s easy to see why everyone there calls her “Granny.” She bakes with love, and we’re the lucky ones who get to enjoy her creative and delicious recipes. Josa was one of the original vendors when the Winter Market first began in 2007, and we appreciate her dedication to nourishing our community.

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