Featured Vendor: The Food Store/Hideaway Gardens, Michael Breitbach

Michael Breitbach has been involved with the local foods movement, farmers’ market, and growing organic since the early 1980s. A native Dubuquer, he returned to his hometown after traveling the world and realized that the local farmers’ market would be a good place to educate people abouth healthy, nutritious food.

Michael has done it all when it comes to feeding our community. He has grown his own wheat and made Homegrown Pizzas. He operates the Ace of Hearts Baking Co., making whole grain breads and rolls. And he made The Food Store famous for its wholesome foods and organic offerings. Michael and his brother Jerry also operate Hideaway Gardens on 10 acres along the Heritage Trail, where they grow vegetables for sale at market, and for use in deli items, salads and egg rolls at The Food Store.

Michael said the Winter Farmers’ Market allows him to combine the bakery, The Food Store, and Hideaway Gardens together and reach new customers. For him, the farmers’ markets are about education and introducing people to vegetables they might not otherwise discover. Michael always provides his customers with helpful advice and guidance about how to cook and enjoy his produce. Thanks for all you’ve done for our community, Michael. It’s great having you at the Winter Farmers’ Market!

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