Featured Vendor: Adobos Mexican Grill, Jaime Salazar

Jaime Salazar found so much success working at restaurants in the area that he finally heeded the advice of his friends and opened his own place. Adobos Mexican Grill debuted on Main Street in Dubuque three years ago, and he has developed quite a following. Jaime and his staff do brisk business serving lunch for downtown workers, and they keep busy with catering jobs for local businesses like Medline and Sedgwick. The Three Cheese Burrito has become one of their most popular dishes.

Originally from San Luis, Mexico, Jaime now lives in Galena. Adobos is a family affair, so Jaime’s nephew Carlos Luna can usually be found helping out at the restaurant and farmers’ market stands.

Jaime has been serving breakfast burritos at the summer farmers’ market for two years, but we’re glad he’s decided to join us at the Winter Market, too. He said that the farmers’ markets have been good ways to expand his business and find new customers. Welcome to the Winter Market, Jaime!

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