Featured Vendor: Pork House, LLC/Black Angus Acres, Ellen Stelpflug

Ellen Stelpflug, owner of Pork House – Black Angus Acres, has overcome many hardships, including a farm injury in 2010 that left her wheelchair-bound. So why does she continue with farming? “I enjoy feeding the world,” she said. “When you feed people they smile; it’s very satisfying.”

Ellen farms 213 acres near Bloomington, Wisconsin. They have 50 head of cattle and about 100 hogs. They also grow apples, cherries, asparagus and watercress. Their livestock is naturally-raised, non-certified organic, and they don’t use chemicals on any of their produce. Her butcher is in Waukon, Iowa.

Farming is a family affair for the Stelpflugs. Ellen’s 13 year-old son Kyle helps at market every week. He has learned a lot about the business and enjoys working with the customers. She also has a 20 year-old daughter who attends Loras College.

Ellen sells most of her beef, pork and produce through Farmers’ Markets and doesn’t use other retail markets. Be sure to visit Ellen’s stand early before the most popular cuts of meat sell out.

Thanks for your dedication to the Winter Market, Ellen!

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