Featured Vendor: SusyQ’s, Sue Flogel

Sue Flogel, SusyQ'sSue Flogel spent 33 years sharing her love for music with her students at Eisenhower Elementary School. After she retired, her daughter encouraged her to follow her other love: baking. Everyone had always raved about her cheesecakes, so why not channel her passion and skill into a baking business?

“Baking never feels like a chore,” says Sue. “I cook with love, and I want to share my creativity and have fun.” She welcomes suggestions for new kinds of cheesecakes or other recipes. Successful experiments include her apple crisp cheesecake, and even a version using baklava. Sue also bakes pumpkin and banana breads to sell at market. She takes pride in using locally-grown ingredients, including apples from Czipar’s Orchard and eggs from a local farmer.

Sue stays connected to her love for music by giving private lessons for children and working on productions at the Bell Tower Theater. She does hope to expand her baking business and do more retail and restaurant sales. Aside from her Winter Farmers’ Market stand, Sue sells whole cheesecakes, takes custom orders for parties, and will deliver in Dubuque.

SusyQ’s is one of our newest vendors, so be sure to stop by her stand and try some of her delicious baked goods, and maybe chat about her next production at the Bell Tower Theater. Welcome to the Winter Market, Sue!

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